Dr. Fudge Bio


Dr. Deb Fudge is a wellness lifestyle expert who has been in practice since 1986. Dr. Deb is a family Chiropractor who strives to provide the highest quality care in a loving and peaceful environment. Dr. Deb believes in empowering her patients so together, as a team, they optimize health from the InsideOut.

Dr. Deb became interested in Chiropractic because of her Mom. When Dr. Deb was in high school her mother was rear-ended by a drunk driver. At that point, she developed low back pain and sciatica. She was going to many doctors but she was not a surgical candidate and the treatment she received was pain medication, muscle relaxers, bed rest and hospitalization for traction. She lost feeling in her right leg, was in chronic pain, started gaining weight because she was not able to exercise, and was basically going down the tubes. Finally, after 4 years of suffering, she heard a chiropractor speak at a health fair. She decided that chiropractic was the one thing she had not tried because none of her doctors had recommended it. Dr. Fudge's mom made an appointment and the rest, as they say, is history! Dr Deb was 19 and she wanted to know what this doctor did that was different than all the rest. The Chiropractor showed her mother`s x-rays to Dr. Deb, where the nerve was being pinched. He explained how the adjustment helped to remove the pressure and allow the body to heal itself naturally. WOW! This was the coolest thing Dr. Deb had ever heard. It was an “Ah-ha” moment and she knew in her heart that this is what she was destined to do.