Dr. Fryday Bio


Dr. Doug Fryday is a wellness lifestyle expert who has been in practice since 1986. Dr. Doug specializes in brain based chiropractic with a special interest in how stress affects your brain and ultimately your life.

Dr. Fryday is the creator of the InsideOut Lifestyle Soulutions™ program and the InsideOut Apps which are a series of stress management tools.

He is the creator of the Brain Achievement program for children and adults. He is a certified bio & neurofeedback therapist an Interactive Metronome therapist. He is also certified in Heartmath heart rate variability training.

Dr. Doug is presently developing brain training software and an app for smart phones and tablets that will allow the practitioner as well as the patient to monitor and treat stress related health challenges. Dr. Fryday is also currently working on a book with Dr. Deb Fudge titled, Pedal to the metal syndrome ™ , How to stay healthy, wealthy and wise in a pressure cooker world, which will be out in 2019.